Whether in machine tools, in textile, electrical or packaging industry machines, for drives or compressors – wherever axles, shafts, nozzles or bearing elements are exposed to the highest loads, Bangerter components are used.

Tailored solutions. The requirements analysis as a starting point

We develop solutions tailored to individual needs in close cooperation with our customers. To this end, we first examine their requirements in detail. The findings of the analysis as well as our experience from different areas of application flow directly into the products.


Maximum precision. For manufacturing tolerances and surface quality

Precision is in our DNA. We achieve it with the aid of innovative processes, state-of-the-art machines and equipment developed in-house. For example, in the case of components that have to withstand very high speeds, top dimensional accuracy standards are essential.


Wear resistance. High resilience – also an economic advantage

Components in machine building are often exposed to heavy loads due to repetitive movements or high speeds. Components made of tungsten carbide or ceramic are extremely resilient and therefore also offer economic advantages.


Maximum hardness. Superhard materials with different properties

Superhard materials are extremely difficult to machine, but offer significant benefits in machinery manufacture. Depending on the material variation, they have different properties when it comes to hardness, compressive or bending strength and thermal conductivity.


Pump element

High-precision clearance fits for optimal conveying efficiency


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Advanced ceramics for machine building

A high-performance material that has very specific properties depending on its composition.

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Tungsten carbide for machine building

The proven combination of very high hardness and pressure resistance for a wide range of applications in industry and technology.

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