For manufacturers of measuring tools, we produce high-precision pins, sensors and needles, even in the smallest dimensions. Tungsten carbide and advanced ceramics are ideal for metrological applications owing to their specific properties.

Greatest accuracy. Precise measuring tools thanks to precise components

Particularly in measurement technology, components of the highest precision are essential. Even the smallest deviations can lead to less precise measurement results. For this reason, the design and dimensions of each individual component must correspond exactly to the respective specifications.


Relevant material properties.
The ideal material for measuring technology

A variety of properties including wear resistance, high heat resistance and low thermal expansion as well as high mechanical strength make advanced ceramics an ideal material in measurement technology.


Increasing requirements.
Automation and miniaturization require sophisticated solutions

As automation and miniaturization increase in various industries such as medical technology, metrological solutions must be designed and manufactured in an increasingly sophisticated and delicate manner.



Advanced ceramics for measuring technology

A high-performance material that has very specific properties depending on its composition.

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