From pump elements to endoscope tips, bearing elements, probes and components for catheters – in medical tools and devices or as implants, our components are used wherever the special properties of ceramics and maximum precision are required.

Biocompatibility. Optimal compatibility with body tissue

In the case of implantable components and direct contact with body tissue, the material used must meet the highest requirements in terms of compatibility and durability. The types of ceramics we use meet these requirements.


Quality. From the material certificate to the final inspection

Testing the base material in external laboratories ensures that it meets the required criteria. In addition, quality assurance also includes a risk analysis of the production processes and the complete documentation of the same in order to ensure traceability. We can provide comprehensive test reports on request.


Consultation. Every project is unique

A detailed analysis of the requirements is the first step of each project, with the choice of material being a key criterion for success. We also support our customers in the development of efficient designs so that series production is also economical.


ISO 13485. Certified quality

This certificate relates to products in the medical field and proves compliance with the applicable legal requirements as well as the quality and safety required. 

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Ultrasonic diagnostic probe

Precision in the smallest dimensions


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Advanced ceramics for medical technology

Thanks to its biocompatibility and high resilience, it’s the ideal material for medical applications.

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