Processes from different microtechnical disciplines are used to manufacture complex microsystems. Our field is micromechanics, although the components we manufacture are also used for sensors and in microelectronics.

Possible combinations.
Assemblies for powerful applications

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: depending on the application, we combine several individual components made of different materials into assemblies.


Wear resistance. Withstanding the highest loads

Due to its wear resistance, ceramic is an ideal material for applications where key components are subjected to extreme loads. For example, zirconium oxide (ZrO2) is used to achieve a high surface quality combined with high strength.


Miniaturization. Even smaller, even more precise

Modern development is trending toward ever-smaller components, some of which are barely visible to the naked eye. Producing such parts with maximum precision not only requires suitable equipment, but above all a corresponding culture and people who make such solutions possible in the first place.


Roller pin

Perfect component synthesis for low-friction rotational movement


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Advanced ceramics for microsystems technology

A high-performance material that has very specific properties depending on its composition.

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