Complex shapes and refined surfaces with maximum precision: when these properties are showcased in a collection, the result is a very special aesthetic. It’s the prerequisite for the defining style and character of a brand. Thanks to the extreme resilience of ceramic, watches made from this material retain their beauty for generations.

Unlimited design options – Unlimited design options – 

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    Perfectly shaped visions

    We believe that watch designers should not be constrained by manufacturing restrictions. Even if a model or a collection was originally conceived for materials such as steel or precious metals, we aim to be able to translate any design into ceramic. We look forward to making your vision a reality.

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    Matte. Fine structuring results in an understated, elegant aesthetic.

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    Satin. This special processing perfects the character of any watch design.

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    Mirror finish. Hand-polished edges give your model an elegant radiance.

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    Selectivity. Satin and polished surfaces meet with maximum precision.


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Refined surfaces are what give a collection its characteristic aesthetic. We are proficient in all surface finish techniques and are able to provide cases, bezels and other components with ex-clusive finishes.

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Color is becoming increasingly important in watch design. At Bangerter, we began offering ce-ramic components in a wide range of colors at an early stage – be it the colors of a national flag, a sports club or a fashion trend. And not only that: we’re happy to take on the challenge of de-veloping individual colors according to customer requirements, too.


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Brought together in the most beautiful way: assembly

It’s often the successful combination of different materials that makes a watch unique. If you want ceramic components to be supplemented with elements made of stainless steel, titanium or precious metals, or combined into assemblies, you have come to the right place.

Process from powder to product – 

The manufacture of advanced ceramics is part of the design process – the subsequent functional-ity and aesthetics of a watch largely determine how the material should be created.

The right type of ceramic for your project

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