A company is nothing without its employees – but it needs the right ones. Team members at Bangerter not only need to be experts in their field, they need the right mindset, too: one that enjoys tackling complex challenges head-on. For those that do, we offer highly engaging work and the space to flourish and grow.

“I started my journey to becoming Deputy Head of Quality Control as a member of the manufacturing team with no qualifications.
Anything is possible at Bangerter!”

Valentina Sylmetaj

An unexpected start to a career

Valentina joined Bangerter via an employee recommendation at the age of 17, with no professional qualifications. She was in charge of operating and supervising conventional and CNC machines in the industrial components department. There she learned how to correctly measure the manufactured parts in order to assess their aesthetic quality.

Valentina grasped things quickly and was eager to learn, and gradually formed a routine and gained valuable experience.


Going further with further training

Valentina was soon put in charge of setting up CNC machines – a role normally reserved for trained specialists. As an extremely versatile employee, she was also occasionally deployed in other departments in the event of staff shortages. After spending an extended period in the Quality Control team, Valentina decided to change departments.

I’m excited to see where the journey leads next! – 

Since 2017

Over 15 years at Bangerter

She already had the necessary experience, which meant she got up to speed very quickly. As the range of components grew, she branched out into new activities (such as receiving inspections, final checks, documentation and implementing new measuring devices). Valentina remained curious and willing to learn, and took on increasingly complex tasks and more responsibility.

Today, Valentina is Deputy Head of Quality Control for industrial products, and plays a key role in digitalizing and automating our processes.

Facts and figures that speak for themselves

We want our employees to thrive, both personally and professionally. Which is why we support them with individual opportunities for further training. This keeps every role varied and engaging, even when our staff have been with us for many years.

Internal manager recruitment

4/5 of our managers were recruited internally.


Employee retention

Employees spend an average of 11.5 years at Bangerter.


Further training
for all employees

35.3% of our employees are now in a different role to when they started.


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