Axial bearing
Medical technology – case study axial bearing for medical pump

Maximum surface quality for flawless functionality.

The outer diameter of the ball cup is 1.3 mm with tolerances of ±0.005 mm.

Total size
1.3 × 2.0 mm

Zirconium oxide,
the perfect material.

Due to its biocompatibility, hardness, corrosion resistance and aesthetics, zirconium oxide is ideally suited for numerous medical applications.

The axial bearing for medical pumps has a high precision, spherical inner shape with perfect surface quality.

Polished surface on the inner shape with an 
Ra value of 0.008 µm.

The theoretical radius of the inner shape deviates deviates by a maximum of 0.4 µm.

The high surface quality ensures low friction 
and therefore high pump efficiency.

This is how 32 billion revolutions can be guaranteed.

+/− 0.005 mm– Diameter tolerance
Ra 0.008 µm – Polished surface on the inner shape of the ball cup
0.4 µm – Maximum shape deviation from the theoretical radius of the ball cup’s inner shape
Ultrasonic diagnostic probe

Precision in the smallest dimensions


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