Gas bearing
Machine building – Case study gas bearing

The tightest of tolerances
for maximum speeds

The tightest of tolerances
for maximum speeds

Total size
21 × 82 mm

Silicon nitride – the perfect material for the highest loads thanks to its high strength

Gas bearings are used wherever very high speeds of up to several hundred thousand revolutions per minute are required

For functional reasons, a large number of tight tolerances have to be


Coaxiality A–B 

of 0.005 mm


Diameter tolerance 

of +/– 0.001 mm

0.001 mm – diameter tolerance
0.005 mm – cylindricity
0.006 mm – perpendicularity
0.005 mm – coaxiality
0.004 mm – concentricity
Rt2 – surface finish
Pump element

High-precision clearance fits for optimal conveying efficiency.


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