diagnostic probe
Medical technology - Case study ultrasonic diagnostic probe

Precision in the smallest dimensions

The outside diameter is 1.544 mm, with tolerances of ±0.001 mm

Total size
1.544 × 2.23 mm

An ingenious assembly made up of four components and three materials

Tungsten carbide
with a nickel content of 8% and a grain size in the submicron range

PZT ceramic
PZT ceramic – lead zirconate titanate material with piezoelectric effect (mechanical pressure produces an electrical voltage on the element)

Glass ceramic
Easily machinable ceramic with high electrical insulating property

The probe allows images to be created of the inside of the arteries in order to localize vessel constrictions

The component has
64 precisely ground slots

They have an impressively small slot width of 0.025 mm

The probe is an exceptional example of how we overcome challenges in the smallest dimensions

0.025 mm slot width
0.005 mm – concentricity across 2 components
0.001 mm – diameter tolerance
Assembly 4 components 3 materials
Axial bearing

Maximum surface quality for flawless functionality


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