Roller pin
Microsystems technology - Case study roller pin

Perfect component synthesis for low-friction rotational movement

Maximum precision and quality down to the smallest dimensions

Total size
3.0 × 13.2 mm

The ball guide element is a complex assembly consisting of 24 individual parts and different materials

The element is composed of a base body, guide and contact balls, and a limiting ring and a cap

The limiting ring and cap made of aluminium keep the element in shape

The base body is formed by a precisely ground and polished dome shape made of zirconium oxide

20 sapphire contact balls are positioned in this dome shape

Mounted on the small sapphire balls is a guide ball, which is thereby capable of small rotational movements with minimal friction

0.002 mm– guide cap profile shape
0.2 mm – contact ball diameter
2.6 mm – guide ball diameter

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